How to deal with Electric Vehicles – *Important safety information*

Last year SCCA formed the Electrified Vehicle Advisory Committee (EVAC) to create unified procedures across SCCA programs for Electrified Vehicles (EVs). The committee has produced a 19-page PowerPoint of information about EVs and how to deal wih them in emergency situations. It is reproduced HERE in PDF format, recommended for anybody who may encounter EV emergercies in all of SCCA’s programs.

The nine-member committee is led by SCCA Area 4 Director Dayle Frame – an EV owner and Solo competitor – and is comprised of representatives from Road Racing, Track/Time Trials, Rally/Solo and industry experts. The first tasks the EVAC has been charged with are to create basic safety rules for EVs at SCCA events and to help guide regions and facilities when it comes to training and being equipped for EVs.