Time Trials

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“Time Trials—first and foremost—is about the quest for speed. This is a place for mechanical creativity, driver development and envelope pushing. There is no room here for balance of performance, spec classes or slowing down the fast to make a better show.” —From timetrials.scca.com/pages/philosophy

Beyond the Track Event, members can step up to the similar but competitive Time Trials events, (and in other parts of the country, Hillclimbs). Rules are somewhat more liberal than in Track Events, such as passing in corners is allowed but still with a wave-by. Midwest Division’s Time Trials Championship involves events usually run in conjunction with Road Races, or can be stand-alone events. Drivers get a practice session and a series of timed competitive sessions to set their fastest lap. Each competitive session is a separate event in the championship. Time Trials drivers can aspire to the Time Trials National Championship in September/October at the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park, Bowling Green, KY.